7 Ways of Increasing Online Business Sales Revenue

7 Ways of Increasing Online Business Sales Revenue – "Simply upload your products to WhatsApp status and people will respond eventually. Try asking for endorsement from the Instagram influencer and people will buy! Or ... just give them free shipping as a bonus, done!" Those are some of the tips that are usually recommended for increasing sales through online channels.

Utilizing online channels for selling purposes is very promising. That statement is supported by the datasheet from We Are Social that says the number of internet users in Indonesia is currently more than 202 million people. In addition to that, it also says that as many as 138 million people have made online shopping transactions. On average, each person spends around IDR 3 million on online shopping each year. 

The thing is, online selling can be executed promptly with less effort than an offline store, but if the goal is to have a sustainable business, it requires preparation and a measured strategy, especially for a business that is just starting. Here are some things that you can do to increase your online business sales revenue.

7 Ways of Increasing Online Business Sales Revenue

1. Maintain Your Website on Google First Page

The opportunity to obtain customers from online channels will increase as the amount of traffic coming to your website from Google search results. Your product will have a higher chance to be a top priority for target customers since it indicates a better online reputation.

2. Expand Through Online Sales Platforms

Build online stores in several marketplaces to reach a more diverse target customer. Do your research and understand the audience behavior of each marketplace that you have chosen. Develop a catalog or list of products that match this behavior. Make sure your online stores maintaining the same positive credibility in each marketplace consistently. This way, you can increase sales revenue.

3. Provide a Variety of Easy Payment Methods

Your customers will most definitely have particular preferences when it comes to the how-to-pay habit of online shopping. Using Midtrans, you can accept 24 payment methods ranging from credit cards, virtual accounts, payments at convenience stores, GoPay, and many other ways to pay directly from a single cellphone. This payment system contributes significantly to online sales, specifically if your site attracts high traffic from mobile devices.

4. Integrated with Several Logistics Options

Logistics services are one of the keys to a successful online business. If your product site offers a variety of logistic shipping such as GoSend or Selly, it is most likely that your customers will decide to purchase your product --- particularly, when incentives are given for a special quantity of product purchase. You can do this method to increase your sales revenue.

5. Perform Customer Profiling

Begin to compile your customer profiles as a reference in running an online business. That can be in the form of psychographic or demographic variables, such as age, gender, social class, residence, and buying behavior.

You can obtain customer profiling through analytical data from websites, social media, or online surveys. This method can help develop an effective marketing strategy and product development.

6. Implement Effective Promotional Activities

Implement any promotional activities to achieve your business goals. If you want to increase sales, try to do promotional strategies such as flash sales, installment methods, bundling packages, free shipping, social media advertising. By staying focused on promotional objectives, spending the promotional budget will be much more scalable. 

7. Maintaining Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor for business sustainability. Having a trustworthy relationship with customers can also increase sales revenue because customers will keep coming back to purchase your product. But before deciding to apply discounts for loyal customers, you can first make sure of product quality, assurance of product availability, as well as fast and friendly after-sales service. All of that aims to provide customers a sense of trust and comfort when shopping for your products.

There are many other ways to increase online sales revenue. However, the 7 points above are the most effective ways you can try. Please keep in mind, do take advantage of the Pojok Usaha services that can support your online business to be more advanced and sustainable!