4 Cara Miliki Resiliensi Bisnis agar Bisnis Bertahan Lama

4 Ways to Maintain a Long-Lasting Business Resilience - The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the biggest challenges for today’s business climate, especially during the past year. Almost every industry is impacted by the pandemic, which has led to drastic changes in consumer behavior.

Consequently, many business owners will lose sufficient time to re-strategize the business plan for their products or services. Therefore, you must apply business resilience for the sake of long-last business growth while avoiding any damage in a crisis.

In a much simpler definition, Business Resilience means the organizations' ability to absorb and adapt in a changing environment while succeeding in achieving goals. That also means, when "disruption" occurs, it is crucial to make sure that your business is protected by proper risk management, keeping the core system of your business safe.

Before getting into the ways of building a resilient business, a solid system is needed within the business organization. The following rules can be applied as a reference for shaping your organization or business structure.

● Harmonious attitude towards common visions and goals

● Good management governance

● Able to adapt and respond to any changes

● Have diverse abilities, knowledge, and experiences

● Superb coordination between divisions

● Implement effective risk management

If you have applied these rules, you are ready to proceed with implementing the following strategies for creating business resilience, your business sustainability. The referred strategies are the following.

4 Ways to Maintain a Long-Lasting Business Resilience

1. Robust Business Fundamental

For you as a business leader, the current situation requires a balanced effort between managing operations and finding business opportunities. To implement this particular rule, you need a definite calculation of the balance sheet so that the business may survive the worse incidents.

On the other hand, you also need to have measurable profit projections. With this in mind, you can rely on the data obtained from previous business reports. Evaluate for your products and target markets to maximize income generation.

It is very helpful to implement particular tools that can provide appropriate business insights and recommendations. Using Pojok Usaha, analytical tools such as Amazon Lightsail and Amazon EC2 can be relied on in processing your data to produce a business recommendation that is worth trying.

2. The Right Team Members

Retaining human capital that can adapt to their works is the right path to build business resilience. Having this kind of employee is an essential thing to prioritize, especially when the business you are running has to encounter the unexpected, including crises such as pandemics.

Internet applications such as Gadjian offers more functions than just managing employee needs. Gadjian can also provide employee performance analysis as it can provide recommendations in choosing the right people for the team, sustaining the business during a crisis.

3. Digital Business Model

Consumers' changing behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic has made many businesses shifting into online channels. 

That is the first most reasonable strategy to apply for the sake of the businesses. The next thing will be to strengthen online assets with compatible technical support features such as ordering systems, payments, and security.

Thus, you are exposed to more digital-driven solutions to sustain the adapting business model. However, it is not only transforming the business method that is transformed, but adjustments in operational systems management using a digital approach are also required ahead.

4. Business Strategy With Crystal Clear Purpose

Here’s the next important way to increase business resilience. You need to understand that whatever the scale of the business you are dealing with at this time, owning a purpose as corporate values can make your business more resilient. This purpose acts as guidance in executing all business decisions, for better or worse.

There are many success stories of brands that utilize its purposes as their core foundation for business strategy, namely Netflix, Apple, and Disney. Today, the three of them have succeeded in proving to be resilient business players by going through several crisis periods. Now, do you have any particular purpose in running your business?

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