13 Fitur Canggih yang Harus Dimiliki Bisnis Online Anda

13 Most Required High-End Features That Your Online Business Should Have - Technology has been proven to be a great contributor to the economy. Online buying and selling traffic continues to increase, providing the opportunity for growth for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) products. Therefore, digital transformation for SMB owners is very crucial to carry on.

The government strongly supports the MSME sector to be integrated into an electronic system or commonly known as the UMKM Go Digital program. Currently, there are already 12 million MSME entrepreneurs who are digitally connected. Through the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, the government targets as many as 30 million MSME that will Go Digital by 2023.

Experiencing the growth of the online business ecosystem, you need to consider a robust online presence to stand out from the crowd. How to do it? Let’s have a look at the 13 most required high-end features that you can implement as soon as possible for your online presence enhancement.

13 Most Required High-End Features That Your Online Business Should Have

 1. Easy online website creation

One of the first things you can do to increase your online presence is by creating an online platform itself. You can benefit from 82cart or Mineral services which have helped many MSMEs doing digital transformation by offering easy website creation.

 2. 24-hour chatbot service

This feature will be beneficial in providing quick responses to your customers. If your customers have repeated questions, you can use a chatbot that provides a customer care service for 24 hours.

Chatbotika is available as a chatbot service for your online business. With its numerous advanced features, equipped with a personal touch in every process, it can provide comfort for your customers with human-like conversations.

3. Secure payment system

Ease of transaction is certainly not only what the customers desire, but also what the business owners need. For example, speaking of payment methods, if your business can provide a variety of online payment methods that are diverse and flexible, this can be a better way for customers to be loyal to your business.


For this kind of payment system, you can trust Midtrans as the recommended choice in matters of payment, especially knowing the fact that it has a security license from Bank Indonesia, PCI DSS, AES 256, ISO 27001, and is registered with Communication and Informatics Ministry.

4. Integrated shipping services

In addition to payments, the implementation of integrated shipping, such as GoSend, will make it easier for business owners to carry out daily operations.

5. Compiling the analytical data

Running an online business cannot be separated from utilizing analytical data. From there, you can find out why sales increases and what strategies can be applied to sustain it.

No doubt, analytical data is beneficial for online business owners, especially for enhancing your digital assets, starting from monitoring visit traffic, knowing which channel is more effective to recognize customer profiles through much more detailed insights.

Take Amazon QuickSight, for example. It can provide all those benefits with pay-per-session billing, so you only need to pay when accessing or using the platform. Interesting, right?

6. Business Operational Management

Concerning this particular topic, it is a fact that every business owner always demands operational management that keeps on improving. That is why your business needs a POS or online cashier application capable of recording sales transactions, direct business supervision, and better inventories handling.

The POS system as offered by Moka will support the progress of the MSME business. It provides comprehensive features, easiness for everyone, and quick access from anywhere at any time. With Moka, you can have a complete daily transaction report while reducing the risk of human error.

Other than Moka, you can also rely on Gobiz App to receive food orders, record sales, and many more.

Last but not least, the “magical” keyboard, Selly, will make the communication experience with customers a lot easier. You can check courier fees, send invoices, send payment reminders, or share payment links!

 7. Accounting and automatic recording

Proper financial management will go hand in hand with the performance of the company. Therefore, rely on Jurnal that will facilitate you in preparing both business financial and tax reports.

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Besides getting new customers, you need to maintain good relations with the existing customers. Having a CRM application can help you to manage existing customers to stay for your business in the long run. It is now a common thing for MSME to implement a CRM, so you can choose the suitable modules for your needs. Amazon Pinpoint is one of the CRM that is versatile for various business scales.

9. Human Resource and employee payroll system

Managing a business is not always a matter of maintaining product quality and sales, but also how we can manage human resources properly. Human resource or worker is a substantial element that impacts profit business generation.

The importance of using the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applications, such as Gadjian and Hadirr, is to automatically manage employee needs while reducing the risk of human error. Starting from an organized payroll system, safe employee data storage, work schedules management, online attendance, or employee performance analysis that can be done from both applications.

10. Collaboration Technology

Having to work from home, means the use of Collaboration Tools is going to be very helpful in matters of work coordination. One of them is the Amazon Workdocs that can be relied upon for handling business documents. This application allows workers to collaborate when creating documents or any subject in real-time from anywhere, especially when you have to run a business from home.

Speaking about the need for online meetings, Amazon Chime can easily boost your productivity since it is accessible through various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or via phone calls. All business activities that are using this particular cloud-based application will generate data that impact positively on your business.

11. Cloud and Data

Business data is undoubtedly a valuable subject, therefore it is crucial to be sure to store them in a secure location. One of the choices for secure data storage is using Cloud Storage such as Amazon Lightsail and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Both have reliable security and operating systems that can be utilized, cohering to your business needs.

12. Integrated business loan service

The next most-wanted feature for literally any kind of business needs is the integrated business loan service, such as Akseleran and Investree. This business loan service is favorable for those who want to expand the business with things like renting a new shop or office, employees payroll, or achieving any other business purposes.

13. Automated online activities for sales and distribution

As a business owner, you want more detailed, transparent, and automated employee management, right? Easy! The Advotics Workforce Management System will provide you with a solution.

Not only that, but Advotics also provides Advotics Distribution Management System, a shipment and inventory management platform that is integrated in real-time for more flexible distribution management.

The time has come for your online business to stand out from the crowd of competitors by implementing a robust online presence. Let’s use Pojok Usaha services to experience the benefits of the 13 most required features that are used by notable companies in the world. Click here for more info!